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Drama Queen is an awarded, Nordic, full service marketing communications agency. We are driven by results, client satisfaction and creativity.









We are a top performer in the Finnish Agency of the Year research.

“In terms of creativity and innovation, there is at least enough, actually sometimes I even have to restrain it”

“You couldn’t find a more committed partner as Drama Queen is. This is proven from the top management down to the team level, which really makes a difference.”

“They are full of creative ideas which are also feasible to execute. We get huge attention to our campaigns and also awards in various shows.”

“Drama Queen has deep knowledge of consumer marketing and they have actively steered us to research our target group behaviour more profoundly.”

“Their ability to understand client’s strategy and crystallise it to result making solutions is excellent.”

“Our co-operation with Drama Queen has significantly improved our brand and position in the market.”

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