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Agency of the Year: Back-to-back gold!

For the eighth time, the Agency of the Year Awards were again a great success for Drama Queen in Finland. Last year's gold medal was followed up with another one, which naturally warmed the hearts of everyone at Drama Queen.

The Agency of the Year is the largest marketing communications survey in the Nordic countries. This year, the criteria were tighter than ever and the scoring model was changed, so none of the finalists could have guessed how it would turn out. However, we were once again able to demonstrate the very best client satisfaction on several metrics – which for Drama Queen is the most important measure of business success.

Collaboration is smooth and we are highly recommended

Naturally, the results are of interest. The survey extensively studied the agencies' overall client satisfaction, perceptions and trends for future cooperation, as well as agencies' weaknesses, strengths and the agency's role in the partnership.

What was new was the KPI scorecard, which was based on a total score of six different areas to give a final score for each agency. The KPIs looked at overall client satisfaction (15 criteria, of which we ranked number one in 13), NPS recommendation score, client's willingness to switch agency, the potential for up-selling, how well we work together and the extent of services delivered. These combined gave us a score of 8.81, which ranked us number one. 

In particular, our NPS score in the survey is a staggering 82, highlighting the fact that our clients are very willing to recommend us. All respondents also perceived us more as a partner than a supplier, and none of them had considered changing their agency in the coming year. The ease with which we worked together was rated with a score of 9.36. Fantastic!

Areas of improvement

Naturally, we will also benefit from the results of the Agency of the Year survey by improving our offering and our work. The survey gives us valuable insights into what our clients want more of from us in the future and the areas where we could improve.

Based on this year's survey, we will sharpen our understanding of our client's business and their end clients, our digital marketing and social media skills, and a deeper understanding of the potential of AI for different industries and clients.

Client feedback is worth more than gold 

Criticism around the Agency of the Year survey has continued this year within the marketing industry. It is still discussed as a competition, although I see it as a survey that comprehensively reveals how an agency has succeeded in serving its clients.

For Drama Queen, our clients are vitally important and that is why we put as much effort as possible into the quality of our collaboration in all its different aspects. As you know, our industry has been through quite a bit of turbulence in recent years. In difficult times the importance of strong client relationships becomes even more important. Together, we will get past the difficult times.

Some feedback to the organisers

Concerning the criticisms mentioned earlier, I would like to send feedback to the organisers. The effort put into this year's winners' announcement event was rather disappointingly light and sparse. Our industry needs and appreciates high-quality events that bring people from the agencies into the festive spirit and "put them on stage". When there are cracks in the appreciation for the whole survey, they are certainly not patched up by a half-hearted finale in the middle of a workday. A better effort next year, right?

Finally, a huge thank you to our clients for taking the time to respond to the survey and helping us become even better partners for you. We appreciate it very much.

Matias Mero
Drama Queen

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