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Discovering the secret to happy employees

Have you noticed that financial goals often guide our work life? Work means more than just a paycheck for employees. At Drama Queen, we prioritise work that aligns with our values and provides possibilities for meaningful impact. Now, thanks to scientific research, our approach appears to have been validated further.

Last autumn, I conducted a thesis for Drama Queen about the meaningfulness of work. Through the study, I found factors that both increased and decreased the perception of meaningfulness in the workplace. The focus on the well-being of our beloved Drama Queens – colleagues I've had the joy of working with since 2007, was what made this research particularly thrilling.

“The real question is, can employees compromise their values or desire to make a difference when considering commitment and the experience of a meaningful work life?”

Mirkka Varho

The research findings provide intriguing insights and serve as valuable reminders. I found out that aligning one's work with personal values and having the opportunity to make a positive impact were the most significant factors. 

On the other hand, engaging in work that contradicts personal values can dampen motivation and diminish the sense of purpose. This raises the question of whether employees can compromise their values or desire to make a difference when considering commitment and the experience of a meaningful work life.

The experience of meaningfulness can stem from small, daily interactions with clients or team members, as well as from broader social initiatives. Encountering meaningful work can transform the experiences of our employees and organisations alike.

Are you satisfied with your workplace?

We have to acknowledge that nowadays, employees are placing greater emphasis on a company's values and how those values translate into day-to-day work practices. 

Empty promises and unclear actions just won't cut it. Employees are eager to understand the company's vision, its path to success, and whether or not their values align with the company's mission.

In the research, I found out that the clients' values were also highlighted at Drama Queen, as most of the work is done on client projects. It's not just about Drama Queen's values matching our own, but also ensuring our values resonate with Drama Queen's clients. The results clearly show that we don't want to do business against our own values.

Beyond Good Deeds: Meaningful Work at Drama Queen 

Engaging in positive actions extends far beyond conventional notions of "doing good." The results of the study show that it doesn't always entail charitable endeavours, tackling global issues, or championing social causes. Rather, it can manifest in small, everyday gestures like assisting a client or creatively resolving unexpected challenges. Even lending a hand to a colleague is considered a meaningful act. 

These instances of "doing good" bring value and significance to our work. Based on the results, employees who believe their values align with those of the employer organisation demonstrate higher levels of commitment. I could even conclude that this is connected to the fact that the careers at Drama Queen are typically longer than elsewhere. How many of us have stayed here for over 20 years and counting? 

Based on my research, work offers the opportunity to belong to the work community, the opportunity to develop oneself, and the opportunity to do good.  

Mirkka Varho
Senior Project Manager, who is interested in people and the stories behind them.

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