Enough Talk: Let’s Change the Agency Model

As the year is ending it's the perfect moment to stop and think about the big changes we've made and what's coming in 2024. In September, Drama Queen made a big shift to a flat, pod-based organisation. Now we have cross-functional teams, or "pods", which operate semi-autonomously, each focusing on specific tasks or interests. 

Our new organisational model fosters agility, flexibility, and efficient decision-making, with each pod comprising diverse skills and focusing on distinct goals. Enhanced collaboration and communication within these smaller “teams” lead to more efficient resource use and greater employee empowerment.

This change was a strategic choice to drive innovation and collaboration across all Drama Queens and to position our agency for success in the future.

So, why shake things up?

Keeping up with the times is one thing, but in a world that's always shifting, You have to be more agile and bold and we want to be at the forefront of the change which happens all along in our business. Our switch to pods is all about keeping up to pace with the ever-evolving marketing and communication needs.

Ditching the old-school hierarchy, Drama Queen is building a way of working that's more flexible and quick to respond. This change starts from the inside but aims for even better client service and creative outcomes

Introduction to Drama Queen's new organisation. Presented at internal kickoff to all employees.

Wins and challenges

In a few months, our new organisation model has already been a driver for a lot of positive improvements. We have seen a boost in innovation as well as a bunch of new initiatives from the Drama Queens. The independence inside each pod has sparked creative thinking, upping our game in service quality and depth. The change has also brought us closer together, sparking more idea-sharing and boosting our company culture.

Any change rarely happens without challenges. As expected, when our highly internalised concepts of hierarchy, leadership and overall organisational dynamics are challenged we face uncomfortable feelings. To understand the pros and cons of the changes, measuring is needed.

When asked from the Drama Queens, the move to a highly self-directed work style has been a hurdle for some who previously relied on more direct supervision and structured guidance. Some of us have found it hard to adjust to the new need to build self-management abilities due to the lack of traditional supervisory positions.

On the other hand, the answers reveal that the new way of working has created space for new voices and stars as well.

All the Drama Queens contributed to the new organisational model.

Looking ahead

2024 will be all about making the most of the new organisation model. We're tuning in to everyone's feedback, tackling challenges head-on, and rolling out plans to boost self-management skills and sharpen our leadership game.

While the flat structure encourages autonomy, it also presents a natural leadership challenge. From the perspective of a CEO the change demands a shift to advisory, coaching, and facilitation-focused leadership which supports and empowers employees. Personally, this will be the goal for me in 2024.

Together, our aim is to make this pod thing second nature in how we operate, ensuring Drama Queen doesn't only keep up but stands out. We're all about empowering our pods, streamlining how we work, and keeping open, effective communication at the heart of what we do.

Matias Mero

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