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Babas x Unga Själar: A Dream Collaboration

In 2023, Drama Queen developed the concept ”Drömburgaren” (The Dream Burger) in collaboration with Babas and Unga Själar.

Babas Burgers, a suburban hamburger chain known for its collaborations with Swedish rappers like Jireel and innovative food creators, partnered with the non-profit organisation Unga Själar (Young Souls). An organisation who aims to help children growing up in difficult economic circumstances fulfil their dream wishes.

The “Drömburgaren” initiative provided a platform for young individuals to express their aspirations through a unique culinary creation. The project unfolded in two phases: initially, a captivating competition engaged over 1,500 participants, with three finalists selected to present their dream burger concepts via video submission. Ultimately, one winner was chosen to collaborate with Babas in bringing their dream burger to life.

Drama Queen was instrumental throughout the entire process, from ideation to execution. Our team designed the competition framework, developed engaging promotional material, and managed the strategy for the campaign’s rollout across various channels. This included creating compelling visual and video content to drive participation and awareness.

A gif that says "DrömBurgaren", pink background, the word "Dream" is in a black colour, and "Burgaren" is in a green colour.
Hand that holds a phone that shows graphics that say "DrömBurgaren"

To further amplify its impact, the Dream Burger was made available across all Babas’ restaurants, where digital screens showcased the burger, inviting customers to participate in the cause with each purchase. The winning burger not only represented culinary innovation but also served as a symbol of hope and ambition. A portion of the sales from the Dream Burger were dedicated to supporting Unga Själar’s commendable mission to fulfil children’s heartfelt wishes. This integration into the restaurant experience ensured that the campaign’s message reached diners directly, fostering greater awareness and support for the mission of Unga Själar. 

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