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100 Syytä

100 Reasons to Travel in Finland – A campaign with strong 360° expertise

When Finland turned 100 in 2017, the Finnish Association of Tourism Organisations (Suoma) decided to celebrate by boosting domestic travel. Drama Queen created 100 Reasons to Travel in Finland – and a phenomenon that is still going strong.

The annual 100 Reasons to Travel in Finland campaign aims to raise the profile of domestic tourism. It is a campaign in which nearly 20 drama queens are making their magic to create a multi-channel package that is always up-to-date and appeals to the target audience. The 360° offering inside the Drama house ensures that everything runs smoothly and the campaign evolves every year.

Over the past six years, 100 Reasons has become a top brand of domestic tourism. We can even call it a phenomenon. For example, in 2022, the campaign website had 1.08 million visits, 35 700 shared photos on Instagram (#100syytamatkaillasuomessa), +80 earned media clippings… And the story goes on.

How does Drama Queen do that? Easy-peasy.

Drama Queen’s multi-talented team only does what they are best at. From strategy to implementation. The 100 Reasons to Travel in Finland campaign includes everything from concept and strategy planning to digital solutions, and from content production, influencer cooperation and communications to media strategy and analysis. During the campaign, this 360° machine never sleeps.

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