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Thinking Small Can Lead to Bigger Changes

In our daily lives, it’s easy to let habits guide our actions, even when they may not serve our best interests. Recognising this universal human tendency, Drama Queen launched the “Ett litet steg” (One Small Step) campaign for LäkarLeasing, a healthcare staffing company.

The goal was to address this challenge in a lighthearted manner, reaching audiences in Sweden and Norway on social media. The campaign, strategically divided into two phases —an awareness phase and a traffic phase— examined the timeless struggle between aspiration and habit. Through three engaging videos, we invited healthcare professionals to reflect on their routines, sparking curiosity about the benefits of transitioning to a career as a healthcare consultant within staffing solutions.

In addition to the three videos, we included an interactive component into our campaign strategy. We introduced a quiz where healthcare professionals could assess their readiness for change. Featuring simple and lighthearted questions, the quiz aimed to measure participants’ attitudes towards change and their willingness to embrace new opportunities. This interactive quiz fostered more reflection and encouraged consideration of potential career changes.

The campaign reached a large number of people via social media platforms in Sweden and Norway. Our strategic approach resulted in a significant increase in web traffic throughout the campaign. The inclusion of the interactive test resulted in a high completion rate, indicating that participants were interested in investigating opportunities for professional development. By addressing common challenges with humour and empathy, we encouraged healthcare professionals to take a small step towards a brighter and more fulfilling future in healthcare staffing.

A phone showcasing one of the questions in the Ett litet steg quiz.
Bilboard at a bus station showing LäkarLeasing's campaign "Ett litet steg."

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