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Discover Heering’s Bold New Look

Heering Cherry Liqueur, a cocktail classic, was due for a long-awaited makeover. Drama Queen revitalised the brand, crafting a fresh platform, design, and the new concept – “Open Up For More,” along with communication assets and tools.

The concept comes from the inspirational idea of rewards awaiting those who look beyond face value, reflecting Heering’s nature. Many mistakenly believe the flavour is “intensely cherry,” when it’s actually a deep, refined experience. We wanted to leverage this “surprise” and weave it into the brand concept.

“Open Up For More” emphasises human, product, and branding components.

We amplified Heering’s signature cherry red, establishing it as the base colour. This was paired with innovative imagery and a sliced layout to reflect the many layers of Heering Liqueur, resulting in a contemporary look for the modern market.

Our collaboration went beyond visual changes and included a strong strategy across multiple channels:

Through these thorough efforts, we positioned Heering Cherry Liqueur as an experience to be savoured and discovered, rather than just a drink.

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