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Digital Growth For LäkarLeasing and LegeLeasing

In 2022, Drama Queen began a digital journey with LäkarLeasing, a well-known healthcare staffing company in Sweden, and its Norwegian counterpart LegeLeasing.

Our collaboration aimed to improve LäkarLeasing and LegeLeasing’s digital presence by improving website performance and creating significant growth in lead generation through a targeted mix of SEO and SEM tactics. The approach was based on a comprehensive digital marketing plan that included keyword research, on-page optimisation, technological advancements, content creation, and strategic Google Ad campaigns. This holistic approach achieved maximum effect and long-term growth for LäkarLeasing and LegeLeasing.

These efforts had a significant impact, with a 121% rise in website traffic for LäkarLeasing’s Swedish website and a 234% increase for LegeLeasing. The mix of SEO and SEM tactics led to significant increase in search rankings for a variety of healthcare staffing-related keywords. This enhancement increased LäkarLeasing and LegeLeasing’s internet visibility, putting them in stronger positions in their respective marketplaces.

The ultimate indicator of success was the exponential growth of leads. In Norway, there was a 721% growth, and in Sweden, it was 282%. These findings indicate the efficacy of our approach in generating quality leads and supporting long-term business success.

LäkarLeasing and LegeLeasing have launched a journey of digital activities to strengthen their position in the healthcare staffing business. Our collaboration proves the efficacy of focused digital marketing strategies. We achieved milestones together, demonstrating industry development and excellence.

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