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Alan Wake 2 x Airam: The ultimate fan product of all time?

Airam and Remedy have released a real-life version of the Oh Deer Diner thermos bottle, known from the Alan Wake video games. The collaboration between the two iconic Finnish brands was sparked by Drama Queen.

As the long-term marketing and communication partner of Airam Electric, Drama Queen was exploring different solutions on how to reach a young audience and grow brand awareness.

A legendary fan thermos collaboration was born between Airam and the video game company Remedy. The Oh Deer Diner collaboration enhances brand awareness around Finnish design, storytelling, and everyday quality.

Alan Wake 2 video game was released in October 2023 after a ten-year wait. Airam seized the momentum with Remedy, and together they brought the nostalgic Oh Deer Diner thermos from the game screens to a physical fan product.

Sam Lake, Remedy’s creative director with the Oh Deer Diner thermos.

The Launch Extravaganza

The communication for the collaboration was strategically built around the game’s launch in two phases, in the spring and fall of 2023. The interest of the public was first piqued with a teaser video showcasing the fan-favorite Oh Deer Diner thermos.

Communication activities were coordinated between the two brands, both domestically and internationally. The launch included press releases, pitching, and PR events for journalists and gaming industry influencers, as well as creating a buzz on social media.

The ultimate fan product of all time?

The launch communication centred around the Oh Deer Diner thermos has garnered hundreds of media hits and reached millions of people worldwide. Younger audiences were reached like never before.

The thermos has become a sold-out fan product and will be remembered as a legend. Oh Deer!

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