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Tres Estrellas

Re-designing the iconic Spanish match brand Tres Estrellas

Tres Estrellas is Spain’s leading brand for matches and the natural choice for firestarters.

Tres Estrellas is Spain’s leading brand for matches, dating back to 1887. In 1992 Swedish Match acquired Fosforera Española and began working towards the goal of producing a sulphur-free, natural and sustainable match made from renewable raw materials. The Tres Estrellas brand was launched in 1994. Since then it has not been updated even though the portfolio has increased with fire products and various alternatives.

During 2023, we did a re-design of the brand with respect to its origin and history as well as making the brand stand out on the whole portfolio on any shelf in the local supermarket. Today, it is a hallmark of natural quality and safety on the Spanish market, not only for matches but also for other fire products such as briquettes, firelighters and other fire lighting products. We harness and cherish the unmatched quality of nature, so that our products can work equally for people and the planet.

Take a peek at this video, it’s fire!

Posters in a metro station showing the new design for Tres Estrellas.

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