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Lundén Foods Pro

Make food service great again!

Drama Queen designed a delicious brand concept for Lundén Foods Pro

Drama Queen is a partner of the Finnish food industry company Oy Lunden AB and their consumer brands Auran and Chef Lundén. Although food service is also a significant business area for Lunden, it didn’t have a clear umbrella brand that would bring together the entire food service offering to support sales and marketing.

Say hello to Lundén Foods Pro

Now the new Lundén Foods Pro stands out. It has a sharper brand concept and a recognizable visual look that makes it easier to build brand awareness. As part of the work Drama Queen designed the new product line for the collaboration with a Finnish professional chef Pekka Terävä using the new brand design. Drama Queen also built a completely new website to present more clearly what Lundén Foods Pro provides to Finnish food service professionals. And it looks good, take a look!

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