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Minttu EOY

Special editions – sales skyrocket

Once a year just before the first snow Minttu, the famous Finnish mint liquor, spoils all the fun seekers with a fresh novelty.

Every year around November Minttu comes up with a special flavor with a special design. These so-called END OF YEAR products are always limited editions and are available from approx. November to May, or while supplies last.

What all the END OF YEAR editions have in common are unexpected flavoring and playful design, which leads almost inevitably to frisky and sometimes jocular communication. And this combination, in turn, has led to sales success every year.

The 2023 flavor is a delicious combination of chocolate, nougat and hazelnut with a hint of peppermint. As always, the touch of freshness comes from real peppermint plants, the very core and magic behind Minttus fame.

Earlier flavors were:

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