The funniest charity campaign in Finland: Red Nose Day chose Drama Queen as its partner

Finland’s largest charity campaign, Red Nose Day, will be organised for the 13th time in October and November 2019. This year, the campaign aims to encourage Finns of all ages to help the children of the world more extensively and effectively. The campaign has a new marketing communication partner: Drama Queen.

“It’s important for us to make it fun to help. To improve the results, we also need to challenge ourselves every year. We chose a partner that will help us communicate more effectively – even a little more boldly – with an appealing message. The campaign must alert people to the need for helping others,” says Taina Tyrväinen, Marketing and Communications Manager at the Red Nose Day Foundation.

This year, Red Nose Day wants to focus on reaching young people in particular. Although Red Nose Day is one of the best-known charity campaigns in Finland, its organisers cannot just rely on past success.

“Together with Drama Queen, we are seeking ways to talk to young people through their own, natural channels. Influencers will play a key role,” says Tyrväinen.

“Red Nose Day is an interesting concept, and it’s an honour for our agency to be invited to participate,” says Matias Mero, Creative Director at Drama Queen.

“We implement pro bono projects annually with organisations that share our values. Red Nose Day takes the problem seriously, but makes it fun to help. Humour unites people when they’re dealing with difficult issues,” Mero continues.

“The spirit of Red Nose Day was an important criterion in our selection of a partner. I believe we made the perfect choice. We were immediately on the same wavelength: this campaign must be taken seriously, but not too seriously,” says Tyrväinen.

The Red Nose Day campaign normally starts in October or November. The campaign helps the children of the world by collecting funds for the long-term development cooperation projects of nine organisations in Africa, Asia and South America. The roots of the campaign are in Great Britain, where Red Nose Day was observed for the first time in 1988.

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