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Santa Claus Village

Experience the magic of Christmas

There is one place where you can meet Santa Claus every day of the year: Santa Claus Village. Drama Queen’s little elves had the honour to create a whole new website for the village – and it turned out quite magical.

Santa Claus Village is a joyful family destination located in Rovaniemi, Lapland, which is also known as the official hometown of Santa Claus. The village offers plenty to see and do for all ages – from crossing the Arctic Circle to seeing reindeers and the Northern Lights.

The website’s most important task is to give a glimpse of all the unforgettable experiences that await in Santa Claus Village and spread the magical charm of Christmas and the Arctic Circle. It showcases Santa Claus Village’s uniqueness as a captivating travel destination for both Finnish and international visitors. 

Drama Queen was responsible for the entire project, from re-designing the visual look to planning the customer journey and technical production, without forgetting to refine small details.

“The website meets our expectations perfectly.”

– Touhutonttu, Antti Nikander

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