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Lieto Savings Bank Foundation

Visual brand identity and website for a local supporter

How to create a website that connects the history of Lieto Savings Bank to the newly established Lieto Savings Bank Foundation in an interesting way? This is where Drama Queen stepped in.

Lieto Savings Bank Foundation supports and promotes education and training, research, culture and many other social functions with subsidies and grants, particularly in Southwest Finland. The foundation itself was established in 2023, but its history as a savings bank dates back to 1895.

The new foundation got a visual brand identity from Drama Queen. The UI/UX and Web Design talents then designed and built a website that serves the needs of the newly established Lieto Savings Bank Foundation – and reflects the long savings bank tradition of Lieto Savings Bank.

The website design project also included creative work and a photoshoot of the staff. The Dramaqueens created the text content and the visual look, including the logo, typography, the brand colours and the slogan: Supporter of a better future.

Now the simple and elegant website perfectly supports the foundation’s brand and is very easy to use for applicants. One of the highlights of the new website is the historical timeline: a clever way of presenting almost 130 years of Lieto Saving Bank history in an interesting and not-boring-at-all way. Go and check it out!

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