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Ruka Kuusamo

What does Kuusamo sound like?

Ruka-Kuusamo wanted to increase domestic travellers’ interest in the area’s activities and accommodation. But what does that have to do with “Fart Swamp”, “Horny Fields” or “Pee Stream”?

At the beginning of 2021, it seemed that there would be fierce competition for domestic travellers in the coming summer. With that in mind, Drama Queen planned and executed a campaign that was very different pretty much in every possible way. It went without saying that a customer needs to be exposed more often, and to highly relevant information that informs them and leads them closer to a purchase decision. But the way we were about to do that was not just out of the box, but a light year away from the box.

It was vital for the Ruka-Kuusamo tourist area to be able to capture at least some of the holiday crowds packing their cars in June, July and August. And even more specifically, the 25–40 year olds, whose attention must be, not just obtained, but stolen!

The area is famous for its places with quirky and naughty names. (Yes, the names are for real, go check it out.) So, why not take advantage of them? And what if, instead of just playing with those nice Lapland images and videos, we would put our focus on something where others probably would not? Sound.

The rest of it was pretty much like building a puzzle:

“Pee Stream, it floats like this.”

“And this is how it sounds on the Horny Fields.”

“But what does the Fart Swamp sound like?”

…and so on.

Browsing through the materials on this page will give you a better “picture” (it was about sound anyway).

Rumat paikannimet rd1 20s
Rumat paikannimet rd2b 20s
Rumat paikannimet rd3b 20s

The results speak for themselves. The campaign period was 5.5.–18.7.2021 and during that time:

In addition to we reached:

The campaign also won gold in the service category at Kaiku radio advertising festival and was short-listed in the Grand One festival’s, probably the most prestigious category, the most successful campaign.

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