Drama Academy spotlights the future experts

The doers of the future here, hello!

Mic pass for the enthusiastic trainees at Drama Queen, also called the drama academians! So what’s the fuss about? And most importantly, how can you become the next academian? Let’s clear that a bit, shall we.

Launched for the first time this year, Drama Academy is Drama Queen’s trainee program for end-of-school students or recent graduates in advertising, marketing and communications.

So how does it work in practice?

“At Drama Academy, we introduce the participants to the world of marketing communications with the guidance of our extensive team of experts and a designated mentor. The mentor plays a significant role during the trainee period, as we want to give the trainees the most comprehensive picture possible of our company's working methods and culture”, says Drama Queen’s HR Laura Silvonen.

"We create an individual induction program for each trainee, which takes into account their individual strengths, interests and opportunities to find employment in our company or in the field of marketing communications after the trainee period," Silvonen adds.

Five trainees were selected for different positions. By the summer, the first of them have completed the six-month paid internship.

Who are we? Let’s get to know us a bit better!

Idaliina “Iitu” Karppanen – Designer Trainee (Helsinki)

What project are you working on?

“So far, 100 reasons to travel in Finland has employed me the most and I have been able to delve into the creation of brand materials in many ways. A few smaller tasks from different clients have also come to my desktop, which has been fun as I have been able to see the work of other teams at the same time.”

What has been the most instructive experience during your internship?

“The most instructive and interesting experience about my internship has been getting to follow the life of an advertising agency while working extensively and hearing about the work of my colleagues in their own field. This is the best way for me personally to learn and to develop myself. I look forward to what the rest of the training program and internship will give me!”

Aino Kuismin – Digital Concept Designer Trainee (Tampere)

Which team do you work in?

“In the digital team! The whole team has been encouraging and supportive, and they have helped me whenever a need has occurred. I’ve been able and allowed to do the job on my own, and it feels like I’m trusted by my colleagues on the field, they know what I’m capable of and trust that I’ll get the job done. I started the internship without too much knowledge of the marketing agencies, but hence the internship the picture of the field has gotten much clearer.”

What kind of jobs and projects do you have on your desktop?

“During the internship I’ve been able to do a wide variety of different kind of tasks. The process of creating websites has become familiar, as well as a completely new tool (for me) called Figma. The to-do list of mine has also included icon designing, animation, photo editing, making banners, etc… You name it! I’ve also had time to review the html, css and javascript skills I learned (but forgot a bit too) at school.”

Elina “Elli” Huhta – Copywriter Trainee (Turku)

How did you end up working at Drama Queen?

“Through some kind of fabulous coincidence. I moved to Turku to study advertising design at the Academy of Arts, and at the end of the first year, last spring, I decided to apply here, before Drama Academy was a thing. I already got an idea of what it means to be a real drama queen the last time I was around through the campaign of 100 reasons to travel in Finland, so I was more than happy to return to the house to learn even more, because the fact is, that these practicalities are not to be learned at any school.”

What has been the most interesting during your internship?

"The most interesting thing, of course, has been the work itself and noticing your own progress during the processes. The trainee pitch made by the Drama Academy for a client was also a really interesting project, during which, above all, the belief in one’s own working process was strengthened. Big, huge heart for concept designing! And an even bigger heart for my mentor, Heidi!"

Alexandrine “Dinne” Lindstedt – Project Management Trainee (Helsinki)

Your biggest strengths? 

"My greatest strengths are in marketing, responsibility and sustainability, as my studies at Hanken were based on these areas. I’m also an extremely extroverted and social person, and I love working with people - that’s when I’m at my best."

In which team do you operate?

"I am part of the L’Oréal team where I started as a project manager trainee, and when my mentor Fanny moved to another job I got to fill her shoes, and now I work as a project coordinator. I could not have even imagined a better outcome, than an offer for a full-time job!"

Tuukka Ruottinen – Designer Trainee (Helsinki)

Together with the Drama Academy you made a customer project pitch – thoughts on that?

"Above all, it was an instructive experience and project, which respected the strengths of each team member. We also got to go through the entire design process together."

How has Drama Academy met your expectations?

"My expectations have been positive through and through. When I started my internship I immediately got to work, and through that I have learned a lot of the field that I work in, as well as I have learned the “ways of the house”. The to-do list of mine has had a nice amount of work from the beginning, and the variety of the work that I do has increased over time. It has been possible to ask the team members for advice and help in various matters. And a must to mention – the kitchen psychology moments at lunches with the co-workers are an absolute hoot."

To sum the total: all of the trainees agree that the concept of Drama Academy has been a huge success. What does HR Silvonen think?

“The experience has been positive in every way. Every single of the trainees has shown their ability to work professionally in the world of advertising agencies, and best of all they have brought a new way of thinking to what we do here. Some of the Drama Academy trainees have also found a permanent job from our company”, says Silvonen.

The mentors, who act as the reliable instructors for the trainees, are on the same line with Silvonen, agreeing with her. These great mentors  have shared their knowledge as well as some important lessons of the work field. They’ve also praised the trainees for their ability of quick learning and for easing up their workload.

The next Drama Academy is scheduled to launch later this year and the job searching process will begin in the fall of 2022.

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