SFB Agency becomes Drama Queen

The Nordic marketing communications corporate group SFB Agency changes its name into Drama Queen, starting off from the 1st of October.

SFB Agency’s history in Finland started back in 1996 when the advertising agency  Satumaa Oy was founded. In Sweden, the history started a couple of years later when the retail oriented advertising agency named Family Business was born. These companies merged in 2013 when Satumaa bought Family Business and SFB Agency was born.

Along the way, DQ Communications, a company specializing in communications and social media, was merged into the group.

“Now we’ve finally got our groundwork done and we are ready to build a single story in the Nordics that suits everyone and connects our activities”, says Minna Koivurinta, Drama Queen’s chairman of the board. 

“The name Drama Queen has a history of its own, the company has already used it both in Finland and Sweden and it received exceedingly good feedback. Moreover, we do believe that the sense of drama is needed in all marketing communications actions”, states Ilona Kangas, Managing Director in Finland.

Some of the biggest clients of Drama Queen in the Nordic countries are L’Oréal Nordic, YTK, Geberit, 7-Eleven, Carlsberg, Pernod Ricard, Neste K, Hesburger, Sony Mobile, Orkla Foods, Moominworld and Orthex. The longest-standing customers have been around for 20 years now.

Drama Queen has nearly 90 marketing communications professionals in Turku, Helsinki, Stockholm and Copenhagen. The company serves its clients by combining marketing, advertising, communications and technology with creativity.

The official name in Finland is Drama Queen Communications Oy and in Sweden Drama Queen Ab. 

“We are a Nordic Business Partner with a sense of drama.
We combine marketing, communication and technology with creativity.
That’s how we turn flux to fortune.” - Drama Queen

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