Agency of the Year. Maybe two years?

Expectations were high, as we waited for the results of the Agency of the Year 2021 survey in March. Would we finally win the first place? The survey was conducted in Finland for the fifth time, and Drama Queen has regularly been ranked among the top three in the category of large marketing communication agencies.

As it happened, the competition was very tough, and we had to “settle for” the second place – just like last year. Well. The Agency of the Year survey is about so much more than just the rankings. It is a genuinely useful tool and source of data on the areas where our clients think we have been successful and the things we should pay even more attention to. Let’s take a closer look at this data.

This year the survey consisted of the following three sections: Basic, Advanced, and the Corona Crisis. In these sections, the topics covered were overall customer satisfaction, agencies strengths and weaknesses, and collaboration during the pandemic. Client satisfaction was assessed using 14 different metrics, the average of which formed the overall rating. Our result was 8.77 points this year, which qualified for a second place in the overall rankings.

However, we did rank number one in six of the 14 metrics. Not bad at all! The areas in which our clients value us particularly high are strategy, end-customer understanding, digital expertise, reliability, value for money and perceived business benefits. Project management, initiative, commitment, industry expertise and brand expertise were ranked second overall. All of the above are essential to a well-functioning partnership and true added value and business benefits for our clients. Which, in essence, is what we are paid for.

But where should we be a little better then? What will we pay even more attention to in the future? We were ranked nr. three in two metrics: creativity and evaluating collaboration. While it’s about decimals and neither grade is alarming, it’s a signal to us. This year, we will focus on bringing these areas to the same level as everything else.

I want to highlight one more number. For the first time, the Agency of the Year survey showed customers willingness to recommend us, in the form of NPS (Net Promoter Score). The NPS of Drama Queen is 81%, which is a staggering figure. It is almost twice better than the average in the category and 20% better than the average for all participants in the study.

Finally I want to thank all of our clients for making the effort to respond to the survey and helping us be even better partners in the future. We all really appreciate it.

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