Data-driven vs Drama-driven

As data becomes more and more integrated in our communication – the draw-back is the lack of stand out. The reason for this, is the nature of data. What data is amazingly good at, is to find the statistical middle – the median. It's not very good at all at nursing the breakthrough ideas that has never been, seen, loved, experienced or heard of before. And therefore measured.

In communication we work with emotions to break through the clutter. Make people think, make people talk. To react. We need to use data for what data does best. General directions. Or, use it to define the boundaries – we then need to break.

Unsuccessful marketing is marketing that no one sees. That no one remembers. This is a waste of time, talent, opportunity and money. Steve Jobs presented the first iPhone on June 29th, 2007. With pinch zoom, e-mail and web browsing capabilities, it changed the telecom industry. No one thought about the disastrous Apple Newton – a previous handheld device for mailing and browsing.

Bad products vanish. Bad advertising goes unnoticed. I’m not saying we should be careless with our clients money. On the contrary – we should spend it as if it was our own. But we need to challenge, push and evolve.

At Drama Queen, we can't afford to be comfortable. We can't afford to be idle. I don't want any creatives to bring ”shore-shot ideas” to our clients. We should come with butterflies in our stomach, and a burning conviction that our ideas will change their business in a big way.

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